Revealed!  The Secrets of a THREE Lotto Winner Finally Shared.

Great Winning Lotto Systems, Lottery Strategies & Lotto Statistics. Learn What Works 80% Of The Time - And What Hardly Ever Works!

Winning Lotto Secrets Book

Suitable For 5-Ball, 6-Ball and 7-Ball Lotteries

Covers All Lotteries Worldwide - Be Sure to Choose
the Right Book to Conquer YOUR Lottery

Winning Lotto Book for All Lotteries Worldwide

SIX Ball Lotto

Our Flagship Lotto Book

Our Lotto Book Works with ALL 6-Ball Lottery worldwide – Incl. USA, Canada, UK, Australia – ANY 6-Ball Lottery!  And Yes, I have won a Million-Dollar Plus First Prize THREE times in 10 Years.


check   157 pages of proven Lotto Systems,  Strategies & Statistics

check   29 Chapters of lottery advice from a Triple Lotto Winner

check   Secret Strategies known only to the Pro’s and

check   TWENTY SIX mind-blowing lotto systems

Clearly, this is today’s lottery book for You – the thinking lottery player.

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Free Lotto Book - Is This The Worlds Best Lotto Book

SIX Ball Lotto

FREE Lotto Book

A Lotto System 12 means you can get half the numbers wrong – And still win First Prize!

Problem is, a Lotto System 12  is expensive -  It requires 924 games.

BUT, there are some interesting alternatives to the full Lotto System 12, including:

6 Pairs – First Prize *IF* Any Three Pairs Are Correct! This requires only 20 games.

3 Trios –  First Prize *IF* Any Two Trios Are Correct! This requires just SIX games!

A FURTHER guarantee of 5-from-6 AND 4-from-4 with an additional 34 games.  We now have  FOUR different guarantees – in just 60 games!

TWO Versions - Free and Paid Lottery Books

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          7-Ball OZ LOTTO Book ( Suitable for any Pick-7 Game)                                                            Another Free Lotto Book

Winning Oz Lotto Book

All 7-Ball Lotteries

The Best Oz Lotto Book on the Market

A System 10 in Oz Lotto requires 120 Games - but our Oz Lotto book shows you how to get FOUR great Guarantees in JUST TEN Games

Oz Lotto Guarantee 1   - With Seven Winning Numbers Anywhere in Your 10 numbers - Six or More Are Guaranteed Together

Guarantee 2   - With Six Winning Numbers Anywhere in Your 10 numbers - Five or More Are Guaranteed Together

Guarantee 3 - With Five Winning Numbers Anywhere in Your 10 numbers - They are either Together or You Have Multiples of 4 Numbers together

Guarantee 4 - With Four Winning Numbers Anywhere in Your 10 numbers - They are Absolutely Guaranteed To Be Together

And you can get ALL these great Guarantees in TEN games.

PLUS ...  A System 9 in Oz Lotto Requires 36 Games - but we show you how to get FOUR great Guarantees for in just 6 Games! SUITABLE FOR ANY PICK-7 GAME.

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How To Win Lotto - Free Lottery Book

All Lotto Games


There is a reason why Olympic athletes are Olympians, why Nobel winning scientists achieve things people thought were impossible, why concert musicians attain world class standards –

They do things that other people will NOT do.

They train harder, often for hours a day, several days a week; they ask questions that other people never even think of, they practise, practise some more, and then just for good measure practise even harder.

The same is true for playing Lotto.

What I am prepared to do to win Lotto is probably
way ahead of what you are prepared to do. I work
many hours a week refining what I already know.

This is why I have won the lottery three times and you probably have never had even one First Prize

So, if you are serious about winning Lotto, you only have to choices.

  • The first is to work as hard and as long as I do.
  • The second, much easier, way is to either learn from me or work with me.
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Lottery Secrets You MUST Know If You
Are Serious About Winning Lotto


Playing "Abbreviated Lotto Systems" can save you a Fortune.  For example, a Full Lotto System 10 requires 210 games; Any 3 Pairs from 5 Pairs requires just 10 games.

Just ONE example of many "Abbreviated Lotto Systems" in your new lottery book!


A Ton of Information on "How To Play Smart."

For example, playing 3-Odd + 3-Even Numbers puts you in the "Sweet Spot" for the majority of Lottery Results; Playing 6 numbers all Odd or all Even puts you in the Losers Chair. See also, Consecutive Numbers, Highs and Lows and more ...


The simplest advice we can give you to make sure you trap ALL of the winning lotto numbers is ... Play ALL the Numbers!  We show how to do this without breaking the bank!


"Many Hands Make Light Work" - And Many Wallets Make Serious Group Entries Affordable.  Valuable Info on why Group Entries / Syndicates are the way to go.

More Paid Lotto Books, More Free Lotto Books!

Pick 5, Mega Millions and Powerball USA Book
Pick FIVE Lotteries, incl Powerball & MegaMillions

Looking to get an Edge for Powerball
MegaMillions and Pick-5 Lotteries?

The most comprehensive book available for playing Mega Millions And Powerball Jackpots, with 115 pages of Cutting Edge info on Powerball Lottery Systems and Statistics. 

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Free lotto secrets book

FREE Lotto Secets

Sent To Your Inbox

Includes Lotto Systems for:

8 Numbers  -  9 Numbers  - 10 Numbers  -  12 Numbers  -  Plus Hot Lotto Tips and more

Click the Button Below to get Free Lotto Secrets Reports sent directly to you Inbox.

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More Great Winning Lotto Books ...

How I Won Lotto 6 Weeks Out Of 10

SIX Ball Lotto

See Screenshots of How I Won Lotto 6 Weeks Out Of 10

No Big Wins, but I got a Payout 6 weeks out of 10, with screenshots to prove it. For most people, trusting 100% to Luck is the ONLY Lotto Strategy they have - We Teach You a Better Way!  Learn How I Played Lotto at a 40% Discount. Low cost entry - less than $10 a ticket on average and yet I still got regular wins. Can you afford not to try it?

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Robert Serotic Lottery Book

5, 6, 7 Ball Lotto

Arguably The Best Ever Hard Copy Lotto Book

A Paperback Book, Airmailed to you. A Classic by the Father of Lottery Systems, Robert Serotic.  222 lottery winning systems. Includes a history of lotto, playing strategies, lottery number selection methods and 222 original wheeling systems and combinations. 282 Pages of Lottery Magic!

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Even Our Near Misses Are Exciting

We have had THREE First Prizes, one of which is below - BUT also many exciting Near Misses. Across you can see we were ONE Number off an $80 Million Win!

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